I have a true passion for art.

Artist Susan Elliott

Artist Susan Elliott

I am a mixed media artist originally from Terre Haute Indiana. I found my way from the mid-west to Florida and from Florida to the great northwest. With a BA in graphic design and advertising from the University of North Florida, my expertise in the visual realm helped me find my way back into drawing and painting. As I focus on my fine art skills, I am making a career for myself that fuels my appetite for creating unique work and feeds my artistic soul. 

I am passionate about originality, aesthetics, and approaching each creation from my core. I am inspired by everyday life and the things that emerge from it influence my work. As a huge animal lover, I find joy in creating works that reflect the beauty of the animal kingdom. Lately my inspiration have been deer which I enjoy painting and drawing in just about every medium available.

As a mixed media artist, my favorite mediums are watercolor, acrylic, ink, pen, and pencil. I love the texture that is created in combining materials and the beauty that forms from different methods. Ultimately it is my mission to deliver a powerful artistic experience through my work that drives desire, excitement, happiness and creativity in others.

Outside of making art, I enjoy sunny days, bike riding, yoga, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (yes, I still love it) and ice cream.